11 de mayo de 2016

7.-Strawberry Fics! : An escape

Among the corridors of the three schools the girls were exciting. The young female students crowded the zone in front of the wallchart. Early in the morning, the student council had published an important notice. Lots of brightly eyes full of emotion were reading the official notice which contained what it follows:
"St. Miator, St. Spica, St Lulim" 
Dear all Astraea hill students,
In relation to the celebration of the Etoile week during this year, it is a pleasure for us to inform you about several sport activities we have prepared for you. All these activities will be part of an interschool tournament.
The celebration of this magnificent week will culminate with a trip to the camp located in the Miator village. During three days in the village the sport tournament will be closed and finally all students are invited to a massive costume party for closing the week. 
The sport activities for this tournament are:
Swimming (individual and team)
Athletics (individual and team)
Judo (individual)
Archery (individual)
The ones who are interest should meet their presidents of their schools or one member of their student council, and register themselves indicating the chosen sport activity.
Each school must coordinate private meetings in order to organize their teams and representatives. All these matters will be informed during the meetings of each school on Friday at 3 pm this week.
We will be waiting for your participation and collaboration for this great week where we will celebrate cheerfully our new Etoile.
Faithfully yours,
Astraea Student Council 
A bunch of students were reading the official announcement, surprised by the news, whispering and discussing full of excitement.
Yaya: wow! Did you see? (While she is putting her arm around Tsubomi's neck) 
Tsubomi: Yes! So, the rumors were true. The Senpais achieved it!
Yaya: Yes! Our Etoile are the best!
Tsubomi: Everything sounds awesome, especially the camp thing!
Yaya: Oh yeah! Are we going to see the stars together, right?
Tsubomi: (felt herself blushing) AAh!! Why do you bother me? 
Yaya: Alright, if you don't want to. I'll see who else wants to go with me (she turns around pretending being upset)
Tsubomi: (turning around quickly) No!!! Wait! I'll go with you (following Yaya quickly)
Yaya: (Watching Tsubomi with one eye) I hope so.
At Miator the scene was similar; a huge group of girls gets together after class looking at the wallchart. Their eyes full of surprise reading the announcement. Lively talks can be heard all over the place. Some shy girls talking softly some others more extrovert making noise.
All of them: What are you interested in? – I don't know yet! – oh! This is so cool! – Look we will have a costume party at the end! – What are we going to dress up? - A camp? – Will Shizuma Sama participate? – Oh I've heard that Shizuma has missed some classes – What have happened to her? – Oh I will love to see Shizuma Sama participating on something sporty ... she would look hot! – quiet! Nagisa Senpai is approaching us! 
Tamao: Look! Nagisa Chan, all of the girls look very excited 
Nagisa: it must be the announcement about the Etoile week 
Tamao: Did Miyuki san tell you?
Nagisa: Yes, she told me what it's all about.
Tamao: So, are you going to participate?
Nagisa: ahmmmmm (thoughtful) I don't know. Are you going to participate?
Tamao: (Taking Nagisa's arm) Yes Nagisa chan! Let's participate and represent Miator!!
Nagisa: It would be fun, but doing what? I'm awful at sports. Perhaps, I could have had more chances if it had been a cooking competition.
Tamao: No doubt Nagisa chan. You are a great cook. I think that would be an excellent idea for the next year.
Nagisa: Are you serious? Tamao chan!
Tamao: Of course, I could make a suggestion to the student council through a formal letter.
Nagisa: Thank you Tamao chan. That would be so much fun!
Tamao: Why don't we register as a team in the swimming competition? 
Nagisa: You are an awesome swimmer Tamao chan
Tamao: Yes, let's do it together in the relay teams
Nagisa: Does Miator have good teams?
Tamao: Sure! Have you seen the trophies at the corridor towards the sister's office?
Nagisa: Yes , there are several of them
Tamao: Not only Spica is highlighted on sports. Miator is highly qualified too. The sixth grade generation has left loads of victories for Miator. Shizuma has been the leader of some winner teams in the past.
Nagisa: Really? (excited) 
Tamao: Yes, She has always had that leader spirit since she was a child.
Nagisa: My Shizuma (sighing) ... and Lilim? Does it have teams?
Tamao: sure!, Although we don't hear much about sport in that school, they are good adversaries. Lulim's prominent performance has to do with athletics. They have really good relay teams and as individual they are outstanding too. Chikaru has won several medals and trophies. 
Nagisa: Wow! You have to be proud! (smiling)
Tamao: (getting blushed) she is very talented (smile)
Nagisa: Also, there will be a costume party.
Tamao: Really? (Turning towards the wallchart)
Nagisa: Hasn't Chikaru told you anything about the Etoile week? (Inquisitive)
Tamao: not really! The thing is that I haven't seen her lately. She has gotten a lot of work because of the student council ... ,mmmmm (thoughtful)
Nagisa: What happen?
Tamao: Nothing, (smile) I'm just thinking about my costume. 
Nagisa: Oh you're right. We will have to think of that. What are we going to dress up?
Tamao: When you have an idea, we could make it together at the sewing workshop (smile)
Nagisa: I think it is a great idea. Thank you Tamao chan.
Both continue walking towards their classrooms while in the corridors everyone is talking about the Etoile week which is getting close. 
Far from there, at the dormitories, Shizuma in pijamas was tiding her room up. She glanced at her watch beside her bed. (Talking to herself) Shizuma Ok it's time to get up. I have already taken my pills so nobody can grumble to me. She looks at her desk which is well-organized then she opens her wardrobe looking for her uniform. Suddenly an envelope came in to the room from beneath the door. She could hear somebody walking at brisk pace outside the room.
Shizuma: ah! (looking at the door)
She walks towards the door and picks the envelope up which is stared by her carefully. It had painted edges and a tiny pink heart.
Shizuma: one more? (thoughtful ) ... Who was this time? (Breathing deeply)
Someone knocks the door
Shizuma: Come in! 
Miyuki: Morning Shizuma, You are already up! (entering at the room)
Shizuma: Yep! I feel better. I'll dress myself now
Miyuki: What is it? (looking at the envelope)
Shizuma: did you see anyone outside, in the corridor?
Miyuki: Yes, two girls from Lilim were running quickly 
Shizuma: (sighing) ... It is just another letter ... I think, I'll miss this when I am not here anymore (smiling)
Miyuki: (smile as well) Yes, You have received loads of letters over the years. Does Nagisa know?
Shizuma: No, she doesn't. Should I tell her? (Shizuma looks at Miyuki thoughtful)
Miyuki: I don't know. What are you going to do with those letters? Have you sent any response some time?
Shizuma: Me! Answering those letters? No, just imagine! I would turn crazy. (She left the envelope on the table). I tried to answer some of them, but it was awful, believe me! 
Miyuki: (laughing) yes, that's right! Your fans are many.
Shizuma: and I don't know if it is something I should tell Nagisa. Do you think she will react fine?
Miyuki: I think so, those kinds of things are part of your life (joking)
Shizuma: Don't bother me! I'll take a shower... How are the classes going? 
Miyuki: We have been reviewing some contents. Some of the girls are preparing the exams so as to enter at the university.
Shizuma: (taking a shower) What about Touga chan, is it true what I heard?
Miyuki: What's the matter? 
Shizuma: I heard that she will go to United States next year
Miyuki: I didn't know
Shizuma: Yes, She told me that her parents wanted her to study Medicine there. Therefore, she was very excited about it.
Miyuki: I'm glad to hear that. Medicine in US is what she has always wanted, right?
Shizuma: Yes, she has always wanted to be a doctor and be overseas 
Miyuki gets close to the window of the room quietly and thoughtfully. A little bit distracted by the scenery Miyuki remains calm until she restarts the conversation with Shizuma who is still under the shower.
Miyuki: Shizuma I leave now. I hope to see you in the afternoon to see everything about the Etoile week.
Shizuma: Ok. That's fine.
Miyuki: Don't forget to take your medicine. I don't want you to get worst 
Shizuma: Yes mom! I will
Miyuki leave Shizuma's room. Shizuma stays under the warm water of the shower lost in her own thoughts 
Shizuma: (thinking) The Etoile's week... our last event here... 
In the classroom, the Miator fourth grade students continue talking about the activities animatedly. The girls stop talking when the teacher comes in. A cheerful teacher enters into the room and drops the heavy class book on the table. The students pay attention to the teacher who is showing a huge smile on her face.
Teacher: Pay attention girls! As you know, it has been said that we are getting close to the Etoile's week. I have heard you chatting about it and I have read the announcement too. For long time we haven't gotten such massive event like this. Therefore, I feel overjoyed ... (the teacher closes her eyes for a moment)
Nagisa: (whispering) the teacher is graduated from Miator right? (talking to Tamao)
Tamao: (whispering) yes, that is the reason why she is over the moon with all this.
Teacher: Moreover, I have been told that this event will be a way to say goodbye to sixth grade students. So, this is why we should do our best during the tournament in order to give them a wonderful memory from all of us, alright? 
Students: Yes!!! (excited)
Teacher: So, from now on we are going to organize the teams. Then you have to register your names with Miss Rokujou. Do you agree? (asking very excited)
Students: yes we do!!!
Nagisa: Wow!! Is the teacher very excited, right?
Tamao: Yes, she is very enthusiastic today (smile) come on! Nagisa let's participate together.
Nagisa: Yes (nodding)
Tamao: Awesome! So, we have to train!! (excited)
Nagisa: Train!!? (shocked) but... there aren't the Olympics Tamao chan (looking worried)
Tamao: Of course not! But the competition will be hard and we must obtain the victory taking our school up high! (looking at the horizon very serious)
Nagisa: eehh!!? Sure Tamao chan, whatever you say...
The hours have passed fast and every student is leaving their classrooms. There is no other topic in Astraea; all the students are talking about the event. It is the trend nowadays; the event provokes excitement and enthusiasm in all of the girls. The opportunity to see the Astraea popular ones' participation makes everyone delighted.
Nagisa and Tamao go to the dormitories noticing their classmates talking enthusiastically about the event, planning everything. 
Nagisa: Tamao chan!! ...
Tamao: what is it?
Nagisa: What about Etoile, are they going to participate? Amane san is a fantastic representative from Spice, especially in sports.
Tamao: I don't think the rules have changed. The Etoile must be neutral because they represent the three schools. Even if they love so much their school's emblem they need to be respectful with the entire hill.
Nagisa: Oh I see...
None of them notice that someone was getting close quickly behind them...
Shizuma: Nagisa!! (gets close to Nagisa and Tamao) Nagisa and Tamao turned around surprised. 
Nagisa: Shizuma! You should be in bed!
Shizuma: Oh don't worry; I'm much better because of your care (smiling)
Tamao: I'm glad you are better (curtsying)
Shizuma: Thank you Tamao chan, I got your greetings and good vibes.
Nagisa: Now I was going to go to your room. I was thinking of taking you a tea.
Shizuma: I'm going to see Miyuki, we are going to organize the Etoile's week for Miator.
Tamao: Are you going to be the leader in some teams, I guess, right?
Shizuma: I don't think so; there are lots of teams this time. I can't participate in all of them, however, you can help us Tamao chan. We need a lot of help.
Tamao: Sure, it would be a pleasure.
Shizuma: Are you going to participate, my Nagisa? 
Nagisa: Yes, (thoughtful)
Shizuma: Why do you have that little face? (getting close to her)
Nagisa: The thing is.... I want to participate but I'm not good at sports (looking at the ground) ... and everyone looks very excited, maybe I won't be a valuable support during the competition.
Tamao: Don't worry Nagisa chan. From now on we are going to prepare. Right Shizuma sama?
Shizuma: sure! We are going to train. Don't worry, my Nagisa. Everybody will do their best.
Nagisa sighs... she knows that it is going to be hard and she doesn't want to spoil everyone's enthusiasm.
The time has passed by and the students have started to train enthusiastically. The cold weather hasn't been an obstacle at all. They spend long periods of time training every day.
The athletics track was open since early in the morning and Nagisa was dressed with her sport suit, seated on the grandstands watching patiently. In the distance there is Chiyo running and on her side is Tamao who is doing her best too.
The ginger haired tries to get warm with her scarf at the same time tries to see the hour from the clock of the church that it can be seen from there.
Nagisa: (Sighing) how long are they going to train? 
Yaya goes up and gets close to Nagisa with a bottle of water in her hands. She also is dressed with her sport clothes of Spica.
Yaya: Nagisa chan! (seating on Nagisa's side)
Nagisa: Hi Yaya chan ... Are you training too?
Yaya: Yes, But I already finished it. It is all for today. I was at the swimming pool.
Nagisa: Oh I see. Tamao and I are going to train there tomorrow
Yaya: Cool, so we are going to see each other at the competition. I'll go with Tsubomi chan (smiles)
Nagisa: Are you going to participate in swimming only? (curious)
Yaya: No, I'll train Judo and basketball too tomorrow.
Nagisa: (Surprised) I didn't know that you practice judo 
Yaya: Yes, when I was in my first year at Spica, I started to practice it. Then I left Judo for a while. So now I will restart, also Tomori asked me to do it, because she wants Spica to win lots of trophies this time.
Nagisa: She always takes the competitions extremely serious. Don't you think?
Yaya: yes, especially if the competition is against Miator. I don't understand why she has been always like that. 
Nagisa: What would be the reason? (Smiles remembering what she already knows)
Yaya: By the way, Nagisa chan, I thought that you would be at the gym. There is basketball training for Miator's students today. (looking at Nagisa)
Nagisa: Really?
Yaya: yes, Shizuma sama is there and all of the girls are crowding the place just to see her. It would be hard for Shizuma to concentrate with all of them watching her and screaming for her. There are girls from the three schools eager to see how she trains.
Nagisa: EHh??? Are you serious? (getting worried) poor thing, my Shizuma. I'll go there (stands up)
Yaya: Moreover, It is supposed that girls from other schools are not allowed to see the Miator's training.
Nagisa: Thank you Yaya chan, I'll go immediately. Can you tell Tamao chan that I will be with Shizuma? Please.
Yaya: sure, I'll stay here and wait for her.
The ginger haired took her bag and went to the gym. While she was getting out Nagisa bumped into Tsubomi who was arriving there.
Tsubomi: Afternoon Nagisa chan!
Nagisa: Hi Tsubomi chan! See you later, I've gotta go.
Tsubomi: (seating on Yaya's side) where does she go? (looking at the athletics track)
Yaya: She goes to rescue her princess (smile)
Tsubomi: eh??? (curious) 
Yaya: (looking at Tsubomi) it is really cute to fall in love and have someone who takes care of you (sigh)
Tsubomi: what? (surprised)
Yaya is a bit hypnotized watching the young woman by her side. Tsubomi is also dressed in her sports clothes. The soft afternoon sun illuminates Tsubomi's tender face and her green eyes looks more clear and deep than ever. Tsubomi has realized that she is being deeply analyzed by Yaya and can't help feeling nervous.
Tsubomi: (reacting) eh!? What's going on? (flushed)
Yaya: Nothing (smile) nothing happens (sighs and looks down) I just like to see how beautiful the sun is this afternoon...
Yaya looks at the athletics track once again leaving Tsubomi, who is by her side, with her restless heart and flushed cheeks.
Far from there, through the paths of the hill Nagisa goes towards the gym fast. Watching around, with surprise, how a bunch of girls are training all over the place.
Nagisa: wow! This competition is really important for all of the girls 
Near the gym, Nagisa can see what Yaya previously has commented her. Lots of girls are watching from the main door, pushing one to another to see the training. Nagisa walks slow while is getting closer to the crowd in order to listen to the girls.
All of them: AAAhh!! Look!! Shizuma sama is awesome!! .. Ooh!! She looks gorgeous. Miator will win lots of trophies with Shizuma as the captain, for sure. Ahhh!! SHIZUMA SAMA!! ... she looks so beautiful with that sport suit. !!!
Nagisa has remained there patiently behind all of those girls, who are not paid attention to Nagisa's presence. The group of girls is formed by girls from the three schools and any grades. The ginger haired looked at them for long time... however, she realized that the girls won't move soon, she decided to pass.
Nagisa: (coughing to catch the attention) Excuse me!! ... Can I pass, please! ?
The girls turned around a bit upset, but when they saw Nagisa, all of them moved quickly letting the way free for her. 
All of them: NAGISA SAN! Oh! I'm sorry – I have to train – Oh yeah let's go, don't you have classes? – excuse me – I'm already late – yes me too. 
All of them started to spread out and go out of the gym muttering. Nagisa observes how they move and go away from there felling as she has frightened them off. Nagisa sighs felling like a witch who scares every girl, but she also knows that being the girlfriend of the most popular girl in Astraea has its consequences. All in all she has learned to manage those kinds of things little by little. 
Nagisa looks at herself straightening her clothes and preparing to enter. She opens the door slowly and enters the gym quietly. Inside the gym a group of girls are training very hard. Nagisa goes directly to the stands; she doesn't want to interrupt the training. Her anxious and happy eyes passed by checking each of the girls and recognized several classmates and senpais. She continued looking until she felts that her heart jumped happily. As if it were the first time that she saw her. Few times Nagisa has seen Shizuma with a different suit; she believes that the sport one was the best for Shizuma because she looks hot in that clothes. Shizuma wears the sleeves folded and she has done her hair in such way that only a few strands of hair fall on her face. Nagisa has loved watching Shizuma leading the group of girls. She was so excited watching Shizuma that she felt how her cheeks have flushed. 
Nagisa: (touching her chest) ooh! She looks sooooo beautiful...
Meanwhile, Shizuma hasn't noticed Nagisa's presence at the stands. She is very busy giving orders and instructions. Shizuma stops and all of the girls get close in the middle of the court to talk about the activities and the organization, suddenly Shizuma sees Nagisa.
Shizuma: Well done girls! (smiles to everyone) it is all for today, go and rest a lot. See you tomorrow.
All of them: It was a good training – thanks senpai – see you Shizuma sama – See you tomorrow Senpai - Can we go together Ishigo sha? – Yes, let's go... OOhh I need a shower! ... Did you see that there were lots of girls looking? – sure they came to see me! – to see you??? Hahahaha
Nagisa almost hypnotized watching Shizuma for a couple of minutes, felling as she is involved in a magical spell; she doesn't even notice that Shizuma came up the stands and it was just right in front of her.
Shizuma: My beautiful Nagisa, what is the matter?
Nagisa: Ah! (reacting) oh nothing (flushed)
Shizuma: I'm sorry, I hadn't seen you when you arrived. (she takes Nagisa's hand and kisses her)
Nagisa: don't worry my Etoile ... I didn't want to interrupt... here! I brought you an orange juice, the one that you like. (Nagisa gives Shizuma a bottle)
Shizuma: Thank you very much (receiving the bottle) My Nagisa... (seating on Nagisa's side while the rest of the girls are leaving the gym)
Nagisa: What happen, my love?
Shizuma: (sighs) It makes me so happy to see you...
Nagisa: (flushed) It looks like a dream... 
Shizuma: What?
Nagisa: I love you my Shizuma (Nagisa looks at Shizuma almost crying)
Shizuma: What happens? Why are you looking at me like that? (caressing Nagisa's face)
Nagisa: The thing is that you are so special for all of the girls.... You could have chosen any of them.. but .... (looks down)
Shizuma: ... But you were the one who conquered my heart from the beginning. (Looking at her with tenderness) you are the one that I love... and the one I won't never let down. 
Nagisa: (sobbing) my Shizuma...
Shizuma: (getting closer) you don't even imagine how much I love you... (they started kissing each other tenderly)
They stayed together seated on the stands while the other girls were walking happily towards their dormitories.
It's been several days since the workouts started; the Etoile's week is getting closer and everyone is busy preparing this outstanding event, the most popular around the hill. 
It is early in the morning, and Nagisa has awoken before the alarm sounds. She observes Shizuma tenderly while she is still sleeping. Nagisa stared at Shizuma patiently as she (Shizuma) unconsciously sought her to curl up.
Nagisa spent a long time that way until the clock began to ring making the ex Etoile wakes up.
Shizuma: (whispering with her eyes shut) Nagisa...
Nagisa: good morning (smiling)
Shizuma: Good morning my love (turning around to see the clock) oh It's so late...
Shizuma jumps out of the bed and stretches her body with energy. Nagisa can't help sighing while is looking at Shizuma.
Shizuma: (looking at Nagisa) what is it sweetheart? 
Nagisa: mmm (looking down) no nothing, it's nothing
Shizuma: tell me! What's going on? (waiting for an answer) You have been sad for a couple days and this worries me... Did I do something wrong?
The ginger opens her eyes with surprised realizing that perhaps her nostalgia was already noticeable. 
Nagisa: No!! You haven't done anything wrong? It just the.... Ehm since the training and the preparation for Etoile's week have begun I only see you for a couple of hours and then you are going to graduate... therefore, I won't be able to see you more often.
Shizuma is listening carefully to Nagisa who is really sad because of what is going to happen soon. Shizuma took a deep breath; she understands clearly what Nagisa is going through ... So before speaking she looks at her girlfriend smiling tenderly.
Shizuma: ... Nagisa... (holding Nagisa's hand) All of us have been very busy on this... I know... I apologize for not spending time with you. (Kisses Nagisa's hand) but... do you know why I'm so calm?
Nagisa: why? (looking sad)
Shizuma: Because I will spend my whole life with you... and this... this is the last thing I'll do for my lovely school where I have lived wonderful moments of my life (smiles) and then I will be devoted to you...
Nagisa's heart jumped because of the emotion she felt hearing Shizuma's explanation. Shizuma's look was so deep and real that she knew that her worries were something unimportant.
Nagisa: (looking at Shizuma and smiling) you're right my love... I shouldn't worry about it.
Shizuma: Soon we will see what happens when I graduate, don't worry, ok? (she caresses Nagisa's face) let's enjoy every moment.
Nagisa: It's fine! (smiles) you have to do your best for Miator! 
Shizuma: Oh yes! You'll see. I won't let Spice win more trophies... (smiling)
After a tender kiss Shizuma is ready for another training day. Nagisa sees how she left the room, felling her heart much more calm.
Nagisa: (thinking) she is right... I have been a selfish. How does she feel thinking of the fact that in a couple of weeks she will have to leave the school?... the place where she has lived for so long. I will cheer her up a lot, so she will enjoy her last days in Astraea. 
The time passed quickly and at midday the cafeteria started to get full of hungry girls who were there for their lunch. Nagisa arrived there looking for some of her friends and there was Tamao, always smiling, standing by the meson.
Tamao: Nagisa chan, it's so good to see you. This morning I realized that I haven't asked you about your costume. Did you choose one already?
Nagisa: Costume? Ohh that's right!! (Remembering) no, no I haven't thought about it yet. Do you know what are you going to wear?
Tamao: I'm considering several options, but I haven't decided yet. Chikaru has lots of costumes and she is helping me to choose one, but both of us want to wear something together.
Nagisa: something together? (Curious) how is that?
Tamao: yup!.. as a couple, For instance a prince and a princess.
Nagisa: Oh I see... (thoughtful) what are we going to wear with Shizuma???
Tamao: Nagisa chan, it's time for us to go training at the swimming pool. It's our turn (excited)
Nagisa: Yes!! (Enthusiastic) come on Tamao chan, we have to do our best!.
Tamao: (surprised) wow! ... why are you so excited? 
Nagisa: Ahmmm ... don't worry about it, go!! (Nagisa takes Tamao's hand and walk quickly towards the swimming pool. Tamao is surprised because of the Nagisa's new attitude)
The gym has been invaded again by the Miator's team which is ready for the volleyball training, where once again the chosen captain has been Shizuma.
All of the girls have come together to hear the ex Etoile, who gives directions and cheers the girls up in relation to the tournament. The youngest girls can't help looking at Shizuma with great admiration and respect while the others students, who are in Shizuma's same grade, listen to her patiently and calm. Some of the first-year girls have come to see the activities with the intention of getting in touch with the senpais. This is an incredible opportunity to share and learn from the oldest ones and of course to be close to Shiuzma, who is the most popular among the girls.
The atmosphere was especial and full of good enery... Some minutes passed and the main door was opened. Some girls turned around, a little bit surprised, towards the door - even Shizuma did - to see who it was. 
Shizuma: (turning around and sees her with surprise) wow wow... look who has decided to join us (smiling)
Some girls whisper happily to see another popular senpais of the school. 
Miyuki arrived at the gym wearing her sport outfit, surprising everyone, with a huge smile she got close to the group.
Miyuki: I didn't want to get out of this; although, I haven't played in a long time. (talking to Shizuma)
All of the girls look at each other very surprised because for many of them this is the first time they see the president of Miator like that and even more in such an informal way. Shizuma welcomes her with a smile.
Miyuki: Am I allowed to join the team? Captain? (looking at Shizuma)
Shizuma: (smiles) of course, it will be like the old times (winks an eye) attention girls!!! Miyuki is going to play in our team. Lots of you might not know, but we used to play together for Miator during our first years. She is an excellent player, so let's train and do our best for our school!!.
All of them: yes!! Welcome to the team Senpai. Let's train!! Go Miator!!
Miyuki analyzes the girls' spirit so with a huge smile she started to roll her sleeves up to be prepared for the game. Everyone got very excited about the new member in the team.
Far from the hill, in the Miator village is Hikari and Amane. They have had to travel there in order to supervise every detail for the celebration.
Both get off the car which has taken there. Hikari sees the place from the entrance; she tucks herself with her scarf and takes a deep breath while watching everywhere. 
Hikari: this place is awesome (looking with bright eyes)
Amane: (Laying her hand on Hikari's shoulder) yes, this place is beautiful. Come on! We have work to do. Then we should walk around the place (smiles)
Hikari: yes, let's go. (She takes Amane's hand and both walk together towards the sister who is waiting for them to check the details)
The camp is place located near a wonderful lake. It's a private residence with several cottages for the students. There are many hectares dedicated to be green areas, buildings and recreational zone exclusively for Miator students. Also, there are courts and fields for different sports. There is an Olympic swimming pool which will be perfect for the championship final, surrounded by lots of grandstands for the audience.
In another sector, the camp has the areas especially for Fencing, target shooting, Kendo and Judo. The sister is in the camp for a couple of days supervising the progress and accommodations because nobody has used the camp the last three years. 
Before meeting the sister, Amane stays outside looking at the landscape.
Amane: it's really wonderful here (thinking)
The camp is surrounded by dense forests and small hills. It is beautiful and natural scenery, and the lake gives the place that blissful sense that everybody who is in there is extremely joyful. The flora and fauna seems to be so rich, plentiful and colorful that makes you feel so alive and full of energy. The fresh air that fills your lungs gives you hope and warm peace. Amane thinks that this is one of the many wonders of being the Etoile of Astraea.
Hikari gets close to Amane noticing the happiness in her looks. She understands Amane's feeling immediately. The Etoile junior gets enchanted by the scenery, so she sighs touching Amane's hand feeling her warmth.
Hikari: I hope everyone likes it...
Amane: oh yes, I'm sure of it. (nodding)
Hikari: Let's go my love, the sister is waiting for us. 
Both look each other for a while knowing that every moment is so special. Amane opens the door of the cottage feeling the warmth of inside. The flames were dancing in the chimney offering a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The sister walked towards the hall to welcome the couple curtsying.
Sister: Welcome, Etoile! How was the trip?
Amane: it was wonderful, thanks sister.
Hikari: We were delighted watching the scenery, everything is so wonderful
Sister: oh yes, this place and its surrounded areas are outstanding. Time ago, a Mother Superior of Miator decided to have this place for recreational activities of the students. Then, the place was changing to finally turn into this fantastic complex. Now that you have suggested re open it, we have cleaned and prepared it in order to use it again. (smiles)
The sister invites the couple to take a seat together to the chimney. Two jars of hot chocolate and lots of documents in a folder are waiting for the girls.
Sister: good! So let's work girls!... We have to work a lot and all of us want everything goes perfect.
Amane: Yes, that's right, we want everything smooth. That way our classmates from the 6th grade will have a nice memory of this.
Hikari: yes, in Astraea there is a cool atmosphere of preparation for the Etoile week. Everyone is excited. All that encouragement is good for everybody.
Sister: I'm glad to hear that! (reading the papers) I noticed that a costume party was suggested for the end of the event. We are almost ready for that, a huge stage has been prepared and a great sound system will be brought for that night. A student from Lilim will be in charge of the music so I will sit and enjoy seeing the costumes. 
Amane: that's great!.. We hope that you participate as well. The teachers are going to participate in the panel of judges, so you can join them to vote for the best costume of the night.
Sister: of course, I will be delighted. Also it sounds so much fun. (smiles)
In Astraea, when the sunset is almost there, the girls start to go back to Ishigo sha. All of them are super tired after the long day of classes and training. 
Walking by the path, that leads the gym, Shizuma stops to drink her bottle of water. She comes from her hard training of two teams volleyball and basketball. She hasn't stopped to rest, so the tiredness is visible. Shizuma looks the floor after drinking water and suddenly she feels a warm look that involves her. There is Nagisa who is looking at her calm and patiently. Both remain looking at each other as they have never seen before. Although she was exhausted, her heart started beating faster in front of those brown eyes that didn't stop to stare at her.
A soft winter breeze made a couple of leaves fell down from the trees and a Shizuma's lock danced over her face.
Shizuma: (thinking) ... why is my heart beating this way?
She walks slowly towards Nagisa, who has stayed still.
Shizuma: You were right... (speaking softly)
Nagisa: About what?
Shizuma: this seems like a drea...
Nagisa: do you really believe so? 
Shizuma: yes... if it was like that, I wouldn't to wake up anymore...
Shizuma caresses Nagisa's neck gently getting close to her to kiss her deeply and softly...
The cold air covered the hills and the clouds got restless in the sky getting close one to another pushing to see the romantic scene, however its intentions only bring an intense rain over the hill.
It is time to rest and wait for the wanted Etoile week.
End of the chapter 7      

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