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6.-Strawberry Fics: Unexpected Visit

“Once upon a time, a princess that lived in a princess kingdom. She was the most popular and lived in the tower with big bells that it made a melodic sound.
This princess was the most beautiful, and her popularity reached all the kingdom corners…
However, there was something that not filled the heart of this princess.
In this kingdom there some forest full of magic beings that shared with all of them. All they lived happy without problems…
…until a day, arrives a princess from a far far away kingdom, asking for help.
It was at that moment, when the most beautiful of all princesses received and felt her heart beating like never before ...
… at that time it was when the princess saw that her life would change forever ... "

Tamao: What do you think? (closing a notebook)

Nagisa: Its very good! (big smile) from when you are writing stories?

Tamao: I started some days ago, I want to experience other forms of narrative

Nagisa: Congratulations Tamao chan! You´re very good writing! I would like to write like you (sad)

Tamao: take it easy Nagisa chan. You´re good doing another things, right?

Nagisa: mmm…I make very good cookies…(thinking) well…that was Shizuma said…

Tamao: hehe! I´m sure! (standing) well, I have to go

Nagisa: Where you going?

Tamao: I have a date with Chikaru (smiling)

Nagisa: Are you dating?! (thrilled)

Tamao: I don´t know if dating but… we got along pretty well

Nagisa: aah!! I´m so happy for you Tamao chan! Chikaru san is a great girl! (gathers her happy 

Tamao: Thank you Nagisa chan…I´m going now (taking her bag) We have to enjoy this holidays

Nagisa: Yeees! The holidays are the best! Sadly its just few days

Tamao: Don´t you have some plan with Shizuma?

Nagisa: Yes! She invited me to spend some days In her house (happy)

Tamao: That´s good!

Knock knock

(Tamao open the room´s door)

Chikaru: Good morning Tamao chan (smile)

Tamao: Good morning Chikaru!

Chikaru: (Look inside the room) Good morning Nagisa chan

Nagisa: Hello Chikaru, good morning!

Chikaru: We´re going, lady? (tenderly)

Tamao: Yes (agree moving her head and take the Chikaru arm), See you soon, Nagisa chan

Nagisa: Have a nice day! (moving her hand) aww! What a beautiful couple! (thinking)

In the first floor, Shizuma is leaving her room and knocks the Miyuki´s door.

Knock knock

Miyuki: come in!

Shizuma: Good morning Miyuki

Miyuki: (sitting at her bed reading a book) Good morning Shizuma, how are you?

Shizuma: Fine. Do you have some plan for today?

Miyuki: mmm… I´ll be reading and ordering somethings for student council

Shizuma:  mmm…I would like to invite you

Miyuki: Where you going?

Shizuma: I will go with Nagisa to my grandma´s home

Miyuki: I would like to see her, but I have some work to do (looking at some papers on the table)

Shizuma: Miyuki, and thought of someone to replace you?  you almost have to leave the council

Miyuki: …yes I know…I have been too busy…I have to think about it

(Someone knocks her door when she finished to speak)

Knock knock

Miyuki: come in

(Opens the door their 6th classmates, Tougi and Kanou)

Tougi and Kanou: Good morning

Shizuma: Good morning girls

Miyuki: What´s going on?

Kanou: We came from the sister´s office, she ask us to tell you

Miyuki: Tell me what?

Tougi: Someone arrived to visit you

Miyuki: To me? (looking  at  Shizuma)

Kanou:  well, our mission is done. We have to go

Tougi: Have a nice day girls (bowing)

Shizuma: well, I think you´ll be busy today

Miyuki: I think so… (thoughtful)

Shizuma: Do you want to accompany you to the office?

Miyuki: yes…please (eyes down)

(Together walking to the sister´s office.
Outside the residence feels a warm sun and cool breeze in the morning. These first days of the 
year are vacations in Astraea and too many girls are out, while other are training some sporty activities.
In her room, Nagisa is preparing her bag to spend the weekend with Shizuma. She looks so happy)

From out the room

NAGISA CHAN, are you there!?

(Nagisa heard that and opened the door)

Nagisa: Yaya chan, what´s going on? What do you have on that big box? (She is holding a big box)

Yaya: There some games, some girls brought  it  from their houses. We will gathering in our 
room to play. Do you wanna come?

Nagisa: Thank you for the invitation Yaya chan, but I´m going out with Shizuma

Yaya: aw, too bad. When will you comeback?

Nagisa: We spend just the weekend. The next Monday start the classes again.

Yaya: I see. Well,I hope you enjoy the trip!

Nagisa: Thank you Yaya chan, enjoy the games!

Yaya: See you! (Moving her hands under the box) Say hello to Shizuma sama!

Nagisa: Say hello to all the girls! (moving her hands)

(Turns to into the room to see things missing for packing)

Nagisa: (Thinking) Is the grandmother likes cookies I did?

Outside the sister´s office, Miyuki stop and Shizuma behind her

Shizuma: What´s the matter?

Miyuki: (eyes down) nobody has come to visit me in years…who could be?

Shizuma: (put a hand on her shoulder) quiet ... I am here with you

Miyuki: (touching her hand) Thanks…

Miyuki is thoughtfully at the door, she sighs a few seconds and knocks on the door.

Knock knock

Sister: come in

Miyuki doesn´t dare to open the door. Shizuma stands in front of her to open the door

Shizuma: excuse me, Sister

Sister: Miss Hanazono

Shizuma: Good morning (it steps aside and enters shyly Miyuki)

Sister: Miss Rokujo, we are waiting for you

Shizuma turn to see who has come to visit Miyuki. On one side of the desk Sister, there's a big black chair comfortable. Miyuki turns slowly to see who is waiting for.

Shizuma: eh? (looking to the chair)

Miyuki face puts a great surprise to see the person sitting in the chair. Her eyes light up tremendously and almost no voice comes out of her mouth.

Miyuki: (just get out her voice)…Hiroko?

Shizuma: (surprised) Hiroko chan?

(In the chair there a pretty girl of 12 age. Wearing a cream sweater, a blue coat, a skirt and boots. Her hair is a deep blue. When she saw to Miyuki,she stand up happy)

Hiroko: Oneechan! (Run to Miyuki to hug her)

Miyuki: Hiroko chan… as you've grown ... (hugs her, closes his eyes about to cry)

Shizuma: the little Hiroko chan. Wow, as the years have passed (She crosses her arms and smiles)

Sister: Well, I´ll leave you alone for a moment (Leaving the office)

(Miyuki is separated from her little sister to meet her eyes and can not help falling tears)

Hiroko: Don’t cry oneechan

Miyuki: How many years have passed? (touching her face)

Hiroko: Too much…I have been missing  you a lot (hugging her and see that behind is Shizuma looking tenderly)

Hiroko: Shizuma! (smile)

Shizuma: How are you, little Hiroko chan?

Hiroko: very good! (bowing) I´m so happy to see you

Miyuki: come on, let´s go to the cafeteria and you have to tell me everything. Will you come with us, Shizuma?

Shizuma: (looking at the clock) I would like to, but I have to go

Miyuki: that´s truth

Hiroko: Won´t you go?

Shizuma: My grandma is awaiting for me

Hiroko: I thought that we can drink a hot chocolate togheter

Shizuma: I´m sorry, but I promise that we will drink a lot of hot chocolate, when I come back

Hiroko: It´s ok. I´ll stay in the city for few days

Shizuma: Its perfect! We will come back early Sunday

Hiroko: It´s a deal! (thumbs up)

(The three girls leaving the building, Hiroko holding the Miyuki´s arm. She looks so happy and shiny, have a big smile. Shizuma looking them happy too for this reunion.)

Shizuma: Well, our ways is separated here (they are in the middle way to Ichigo Shan and the cafeteria)

Miyuki: Thank you Shizuma. Have a nice trip.

Hiroko: Say hello to your grandma

Shizuma: In your name. I´ll see you on Sunday

Miyuki: see you!

(The sister are walking together along the path to the cafeteria.
A warm winter sun illuminates and gentle breeze moves the leaves of the trees.
Shizuma is going the other way towards Ichigo Sha thinking about what just happened)

Shizuma: well well… Who knew that little Hiroko Astraea come alone ... as the years have passed.

(At the door of Ichigo Sha is Nagisa, which sees Shizuma approaching distance and comes to meet her)

Nagisa: Good morning love

Shizuma: Good morning my sweet Nagisa (Kissing her)

Nagisa: I was waiting for you

Shizuma: Are you ready?

Nagisa: Yes!!

(In the cafeteria, Miyuki and her little sister Hiroko, with two hot chocolate mugs and cakes)

Miyuki: (Crossing her fingers) very well…where are Dad and Mom?

Hiroko: I came here alone

Miyuki: what!? How did they let you out alone of the city?

Hiroko: I escaped…

Miyuki: HOW DID YOU RUN AWAY?! (frightened)

Hiroko: well… not technically say ... just told them I would spend a few days with a friend of my 
class, who lives in the town near here

Miyuki: So…they don´t know  you came to see me

Hiroko: That´s right (moving her head)

Miyuki: But its dangerous that  you walk alone

Hiroko: don´t worry, I had to see you (eating a piece of cake)

Miyuki: You are so big now (smile)

Hiroko: you have also grown sister, you are very pretty

Miyuki: Thanks. Are you ready for Miatre?

Hiroko: Sure! (Happy) I´m so happy for stay here, where my sister studied. I would like to be president like you!

Miyuki: It’s a lot of work, Don´t you know? But I know, you will do a good job

Hiroko: I'm anxious to get here

Miyuki: You will be here the next semester, right?

Hiroko: Yes… shame that you're not here (getting sad)

Miyuki: (whisper and close her eyes) Yes…but I know you will make very good friends here

Hiroko: yes! (Smiling) Will I be in Second year?

Miyuki: Yes… I would like to have spent a year together

Hiroko: what a shame…I didn´t want go to that trip with our parents (getting sad)

Miyuki: …you will be classmate with Chiyo chan. She is a good girl

Hiroko: I´m so happy! I will meet girls that shared time with you

(Shizuma and Nagisa are in the train toward the city)

Nagisa: Miyuki´s little sister?

Shizuma: Yes, has been a long time without see her

Nagisa: I think, that happy Miyuki was

Shizuma: Yes she is. Miyuki has spent too long without see her family and her younger sister is 
her favourite

Nagisa: I´m glad to ear that. I hope to met her when we come back

Shizuma: The Sunday we will come back early (resting her head on her shoulder)

Nagisa: Its ok, my Etoile

(Later, Miyuki and her younger sister walking for Astraea. Miyuki show her all the places and the schools.
Her sister look so fascinate all the landscape and follow all the instructions from Miyuki)

Miyuki: …and there…It’s the private greenhouse of the Etoile

Hiroko: Its beautiful! … Was it the greenhouse of Shizuma?

Miyuki: That´s right

Hiroko: (looking trhought the glass door) Its beautiful! Who is Etoile now?

Miyuki: Now they are from St. Spica

(Inside the greenhouse is Hikari and invite them to come in)

Miyuki: come on, let´s go inside

Hiroko: great!

(Inside, Hiroko happy looking at all the flowers and Miyuki approaching to greet Hikari)

Miyuki: Good evening Etoile sama (bowing)

Hikari: Good evening Miyuki san, how are you?

Miyuki: Very well and happy. I introduce you my younger sister, Hiroko (looking at her side)

Hiroko: Are you Etoile?  Nice to meet you (bowing)

Hikari: Hi, nice to meet you (smile)

Miyuki: My sister will come to Miatre the next semester, so please, take care of her

Hikari:  Really? That´s a good news! Would be a honour, Miss Rokujo. You will can count with us, always

Hiroko: I hope we can get along very well Etoile sama (bowing)

(Hiroko looks so happy, she is so glad to meet in person the Etoile.
She since childhood has been learning the ways of Astraea, so all this day is very special for 
her, especially if this next entry to Miatre)

Hiroko: Oneechan, Can you show me the lake? I really want to know it

Miyuki: For sure, let´s go!

Hikari: Enjoy the evening (smile)

Miyuki: Thank you Etoile, see you later (bowing)

Hiroko: See you soon, Etoile sama (bowing)

Hikari: see you soon, Hiroko chan

(The sisters go out and Hiroko looks so excited. Take the Miyuki´s hand and start to run)

Miyuki: not so fast, Hiroko! (running behind her)

Hiroko: Let´s go, oneechan! (happy)

(When they arrives to the lake, Miyuki is a little tired , while Hiroko looks with great emotion the 

Hiroko: wow! Its more beautiful than in pictures!

Miyuki: yes it is

(Hiroko closes her eyes thinking. Miyuki behind her)

Hiroko: oneechan…

Miyuki: What´s the matter?

Hiroko: besides knowing Astraea ... I came for another reason ...

(Miyuki pays attention and stays thoughtful)

Hiroko: I came without telling our parents would see you, because they had not allowed me.

Miyuki: Why not?

Hiroko: Because, I don’t want you to get married

Miyuki: what!?

Hiroko: They know that I´m against your marriage, for that, they not allow me to see you.

Miyuki: (eyes down) What have they said about it?

Hiroko: practically I escape from the house to tell you

(Miyuki rises her eyes to listen her. Hiroko turns to Miyuki)

Hiroko: they want to make the wedding soon. They put date for February…

Miyuki: What!? (surprise) but not until March I graduate!

Hiroko: Yes I know… but they want to do business society as soon as possible.

Miyuki: (turns around and close her eyes) …can´t be possible…

Hiroko: I know it is wrong to listen to their conversations, but I could not avoid it, when is something about my sister!  (Fill with tears her eyes)

Miyuki: Did you listen something more? (holding the eyes closing)

Hiroko: I don´t want you do it oneechan…no with that guy!

Miyuki: that guy? Do you know him?

Hiroko: yes… lately has been much to the home ... is a ..

Miyuki: is what?

Hiroko: IDIOT! YOU CAN´T MARRIAGE HIM! (Her eyes full of tears)

Miyuki: (Surprised) What do you mean…? What´s wrong with him?

Hiroko: He would be a son of a business man or whatever…but is a complete idiot…I don’t 
want that you, ruin your life like this….

Miyuki: Hiroko… I do not want to do it…but… (eyes down)

Hiroko: …that guy just will hurt you. It is a womanizer, liar, gambler ...

Miyuki: wow…is a attractive description (smile sad)

Hiroko: I just come here to tell you that. When I´ll be here in Astraea, I won´t see you too much 

(lowers her gaze and is about to put to mourn)…I don’t want that  you be unhappy…(crying)

Miyuki: (Hugging her)…Hiroko…thank you…(Closing her eyes)

(At that moment, Miyuki remember the Shizuma´s words and stay thoughtfull for a while)

Miyuki: Do you know what will happen if I don’t married him?

Hiroko: (Drying her tears) … There wouldn´t  be a entrepreneurial society.

Miyuki: Not only that… I could no longer be part of our family

Hiroko: (start to cry again) NOO!! That no possible!!

Miyuki: (hugs and speaks to the ear) but…no matter what’s happen, you will always be my lovely sister

Hiroko: (crying sadly) I don’t want to lose you!
Miyuki: Don’t worry…everything gonna be ok (closing her eyes with tears)

(In the city, Shizuma and Nagisa arrives to the grandma´s house. Nagisa is so impressed)

Nagisa: wooow! It’s a big big house! (looking everywhere)

Shizuma: Do you like it?

Nagisa: its amazing! (making a panoramic view of all)

Shizuma: …later I will show you my room… (Taking her waist, Nagisa blushed)

(At that moment, the nanny appears)

Nanny: sorry for the intrusion… but the lady's waiting in your room

Nagisa: Finally I will meet her! (happy)

Shizuma: thank you nanny (Taking Nagisa hand) Let´s go

(Both climb the stairs and Nagisa is  anxious to meet grandmother. Shizuma opens the door to the room)

Grandma: (Opening her arms) Welcome my beautiful ladies! (big smile)

Nagisa: (bowing) Nice to meet you, grandma

Grandma: get closer my little girl… (She stretches out her hand and looks curiously)

(Nagisa shyly walking closer the her bed)

Grandma: (looking at Nagisa everywhere) well, well…my Shizuma have a very good taste 
(Nagisa blushed)

Shizuma: Grandma!

Grandma: It’s the truth, you have a very beautiful girl by your side. Nice to meet you, Aoi Nagisa

Nagisa: (bowing) It is an honor

Grandma: Well, now I can be quiet knowing that my lovely Shizuma will be with a good girl 

(closes an eye to Nagisa, a sign that the approved. Nagisa smiles happy)

(Afternoon loses luminosity and Astraea began to light up with lanterns.
Miyuki and her sister, talks very happy together in her room)

Hiroko:  it's too late and I have yet to get off the hill

Miyuki: Stay here

Hiroko: really can I spend the night here?? (Happy)

Miyuki: Actually not, but will be our secret

Hiroko: I´m so happy! Will be like the old times! (excited gathers her hands)

Miyuki: yes, but this time I will not tell you bedtime stories

Hiroko: You have to tell me stories about the Ichigo Sha! (Excited)

Miyuki: stories? (close her eyes remembering the stories that investigate Tamao and Nagisa) 
no such thing

Hiroko: yes, Ichigo Sha must it have!

(someone knocks on the door)

Knock knock

Miyuki: come in!

Tomori: Good night, Miyuki

Miyuki: Tomori!? (surprise)

(Tomori enters the room and look with surprise to Hiroko)

Tomori: …good night…

Hiroko: (standing) …Hiroko…Rokujo Hiroko, nice to meet you (bowing)

Tomori: (surprised) ROKUJO?? Your sister??

Miyuki: yes, that´s right (smile)

Tomori: nice to meet you, Hiroko chan. I´m sorry for intrusion but I had to come to leave these papers for the meeting we will have with sister

Miyuki: ah it´s ok, thank you

Hiroko: Are you part of the student council too?

Tomori: yes, I´m the president of St. Spica

Hiroko: WOOOW! (shiny eyes)

Miyuki: she is so excited because, the next semester she will be part of Miatre

Tomori: That´s a good news, I´m very happy for you, Hiroko chan (smile)

Hiroko: what grade are you, Tomori sama?

Tomori: I will graduate in March like your sister

Hiroko: ooh, very good (smile)

Tomori: well, I do not take more of your time. Have a good night girls (bowing)

Miyuki: Good night, Tomori, thanks for bringing documents

Tomori: Your welcome

Hiroko: Good night, Tomori sama (bowing)

Miyuki: well Hiroko, is time to sleep!

Hiroko: nooo! No without my story!

Miyuki: (crossing her arms) its ok…get into the bed and I´ll tell you

Hiroko: yeees! (Happy in the bed)

(Miyuki have a big smile. The visit of her younger sister was an unexpected surprise for her. This visit has illuminated the sad last days of Miyuki in Astraea.)

(The night has finally fallen and the small Hiroko after a day full of many emotions, falls into a deep sleep. Miyuki is seeing it sitting in her chair by the table)

Miyuki: (Thinking) …my little Hiroko… I had missed  you so much (deep breathe) you also say that my marriage would be a mistake…( turns to see the documents on the table) …and today, I did nothing of work…

(Miyuki rises from her chair and sorts documents. Try to be quiet not to wake Hiroko. When finished, she approaches the window)

Miyuki: (Thinking) …I hope your future, would be differente than mine…What do I have to do now?

(let her mind go blank for a moment)

Miyuki: (Thinking) …if only someone can help me to know, what I have to do…

(A waning moon that at times obscured by passing winter clouds is that illuminate the Miyuki´s face. Too many emotions crossing her heart and the uncertainty overwhelms.

Time is running and the roads are uncertain)

Miyuki: (looking at the moon and thinking) …What would you do, Shizuma?

(Elsewhere, Shizuma, Nagisa and grandmother are on a terrace with a hot chocolate and having a nice talking.
Shizuma standing to look the night view. Nagisa laugh with the stories that tells the grandma)

Shizuma: (looking at the moon) …What happened my friend? (close her eyes)…if you need my help, you can count with me, always…

Grandma: Shizuma! Are you listened me?

Shizuma: eh?

Grandma: I´m telling to Nagisa chan, about that time, when we saw an electric storm on the 
Eiffel tower. Do you remember that? You was a little girl.

Shizuma: ah…yeah… (walking back to the table)

Grandma: I was so afraid, but Shizuma no! She looked fascinated how the thunders fall. All the tourist were worried!

Nagisa: Shizuma is so brave! (drinking her chocolate)

(Shizuma doesn’t listen anything else. She stay in silence thinking about Miyuki)

(In Astraea, Miyuki turns off the light and see the quite face of her sister sleeping)

Miyuki: …I love you…sister…

End of the chapter.

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